AR-15 Schießen
und Waffenverleih

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rifle shooting

AR15 - modern sporting rifle, originally from America, currently the best selling and most versatile rifle group in the world. The rifle of choice for sport shooters. World champions shoot it in disciplines like IPSC. Popular with women for its ergonomics and low recoil. Its main advantages are simplicity, modularity and light weight. Apart from the barrel, most of the main parts of the gun are made of aluminium or plastic. The weight is half that of AK system rifles. The whole rifle is made to the iso standard, so you can freely combine barrel lengths, upper and lower frame, change even the caliber of the gun, and basically build a completely new rifle. Most of the spare parts you can normally get at the store and you will be able to swap them out yourself. Another asset is accuracy. Ideal at medium ranges up to 500m, but they also build small sniper rifles with barrel lengths over 20inches. The gas extraction system and suspension cause little recoil.

The rifle was created in 1959 in the workshop of Armalite, which subsequently sold its design to the American company Colt. In contrast, the AR-15 is always a semi-automatic self-loading version. It does not fire in bursts. The original design of the weapon does not use any piston, instead the gases act directly on the bolt carrier. This simplifies the whole design, but it is a definite disadvantage when cleaning the gun, as the entire receiver becomes fouled with combustion gases. With normal regular maintenance, however, this is not a problem and the gun functions smoothly.


  • USA - place of origin
  • 1959-NOWADAYS - is still in production
  • Armalite company - original design
  • .223 / 5,56x45 NATO - available also in other calibers
  • GAS OPERATED - originaly no piston

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