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Remington 870: An American Classic

The Remington 870, often referred to as the "870," stands as an enduring symbol of American firearms manufacturing excellence. This pump-action shotgun, renowned for its versatility, reliability, and longevity, has earned its place as one of the most iconic and beloved shotguns in history.

Origins and Designer 

The story of the Remington 870 begins in the mid-20th century, when Remington Arms Company sought to design a new, pump-action shotgun to replace their aging Model 31. The man behind this ambitious project was L. Ray Crittendon, an engineer at Remington, who led a team of designers to create what would become the iconic 870 shotgun.

Design Features

The Remington 870 is regarded as a special and iconic shotgun for several compelling reasons:  
Legendary Reliability: The Remington 870 is renowned for its exceptional reliability. It operates on a simple and robust pump-action mechanism, which is known for its ability to cycle and fire a wide range of shotgun shells reliably. This reliability is critical in hunting, sport shooting, and tactical applications where a malfunction can be detrimental.  
Versatility: One of the standout features of the Remington 870 is its incredible versatility. It is available in various gauges, barrel lengths, and configurations to suit a wide range of shooting needs. Whether you're hunting game, participating in competitive shooting sports, or using it for home defense, there's likely an 870 model that fits your requirements.  
Durability and Longevity: The 870 is built to last. Its robust construction, quality materials, and craftsmanship ensure that it can withstand years of use and even harsh environmental conditions. Many 870 shotguns remain in service for generations, passed down within families as reliable firearms.  
Ease of Maintenance: The 870's design is straightforward, making it easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain. This user-friendly aspect is appreciated by both novice and experienced shooters, as it reduces the complexity of firearm care.  
Customization: The aftermarket support for the Remington 870 is extensive. Owners can easily customize their shotguns with a wide array of accessories and modifications, including different stocks, forends, sights, and magazine extensions. This flexibility allows shooters to tailor their 870 to their specific preferences and needs.  
Heritage and Recognition: The Remington 870 has a rich heritage and is recognized as one of the most iconic and widely used shotguns in the world. Its appearances in movies, television shows, and literature have solidified its status as a symbol of American firearms culture.  
Law Enforcement and Military Use: The Remington 870 has been adopted by numerous law enforcement agencies and military units around the world. Its track record in these professional settings further underscores its reputation for reliability and performance.  
Affordability: While there are high-end models of the Remington 870 with premium features, the base models are relatively affordable. This accessibility has made it an attractive option for a broad spectrum of shooters.  
Timeless Design: The design of the Remington 870 has remained largely consistent over the years, and its classic appearance has a timeless appeal. Whether in its original Wingmaster finish or the more utilitarian Express models, the 870 exudes a sense of heritage and craftsmanship.

Evolution and Models

The Remington 870 has undergone several generations and model variations since its introduction. Some of the notable models and developments include:  
Original Model 870: Introduced in 1950, the original 870 featured a walnut stock and a four-round tubular magazine. It was initially available in 12 gauge only.  
Wingmaster: The Wingmaster line, known for its high-quality finish and polished bluing, has been a flagship of the 870 series since the early 1960s.  
Express: The Express series was introduced in the 1970s as a more affordable alternative to the Wingmaster, featuring matte finishes and synthetic stocks. It quickly gained popularity.  
Magnum Models: Remington introduced Magnum versions of the 870 to accommodate 3-inch and later 3.5-inch shells, increasing the shotgun's versatility for hunting and other applications.  
Tactical Models: Remington expanded its 870 offerings to include tactical and law enforcement models with features like extended magazine tubes, ghost ring sights, and pistol grip stocks.  
Marine Magnum: The Marine Magnum variant features a nickel-plated finish for enhanced corrosion resistance, making it suitable for maritime environments.  
Youth and Compact Models: Remington produces 870 models with shorter barrels and reduced stock dimensions, designed for young or smaller-statured shooters.  


The Remington 870 shotgun is a timeless American classic, cherished by hunters, sportsmen, and firearm enthusiasts alike. Its enduring popularity, reliability, and adaptability have cemented its place in the annals of firearms history as an iconic and beloved pump-action shotgun. Whether in the field, at the range, or in a professional capacity, the Remington 870 continues to stand as a testament to American craftsmanship and innovation. 



  • Remington 870 - Name
  • Pump-action shotgun - Type
  • Remington Arms - Manufacturer
  • - Website
  • 870 Express - Model
  • 12/76 - Caliber
  • pump-action - Action type
  • Ray Crittendon, Phillip Haskell - Designer
  • 1950 - Designed
  • 1951 - In service
  • 3,2 Kg - Weight
  • 670-1280 mm - Length
  • 40 m - Firing range

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