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.22 LR

Glock 44: A .22 LR Legend from Glock

The Glock 44, chambered in .22 LR, is a notable addition to the Glock family of pistols. Introduced in 2019, it stands as Glock's first-ever rimfire handgun, offering a unique blend of Glock's reliability, user-friendliness, and the economical .22 LR caliber.

Production and Service History

Origins and Development: The Glock 44 was developed to meet several demands within the firearms market. Glock enthusiasts and trainers sought a training pistol that closely mimicked the feel and controls of the popular Glock centerfire handguns, all while offering the cost-effectiveness of .22 LR ammunition.

Service Record: While the Glock 44 was not designed as a duty or self-defense firearm, it has found popularity in several niches. It's widely used for training purposes, plinking, and introducing new shooters to firearms due to its reduced recoil and affordability.


The Glock 44's design incorporates several key features that make it a unique and popular rimfire pistol:

.22 LR Caliber: Chambered in .22 LR, the Glock 44 offers shooters a low-recoil, economical, and readily available ammunition option for training and recreational shooting.

Glock Reliability: The Glock 44 inherits Glock's legendary reputation for reliability. It features the same Safe Action System, durable polymer frame, and consistent trigger pull as its centerfire counterparts.

Same Frame Size as Glock 19: The Glock 44 shares the same frame size as the Glock 19, which makes it an excellent training tool for those who regularly carry Glock 19 pistols. This feature ensures a consistent feel and handling.

Threaded Barrel Option: Glock offers a threaded barrel variant of the Glock 44, allowing users to attach suppressors or other muzzle devices for quieter shooting.


The Glock 44, while fairly new to the market, has seen the introduction of some variants and model updates to cater to specific preferences:

Glock 44 Compact: The standard Glock 44 is designed to mimic the size and feel of the Glock 19. This variant is suitable for training, plinking, and introducing new shooters to handguns.

Glock 44 Threaded Barrel: The threaded barrel variant allows for the attachment of suppressors or other muzzle devices, making it an excellent option for shooters who desire a quieter shooting experience.

Interesting Facts

Training and Familiarity: The Glock 44 was designed with training in mind. Its controls, grip, and overall feel closely resemble those of the popular Glock 19, enabling shooters to practice with an affordable and low-recoil platform that closely mimics their everyday carry firearm.

Economical Training: One of the Glock 44's primary appeals is its cost-effective training potential. .22 LR ammunition is significantly cheaper than centerfire ammunition, making it an attractive choice for extended training sessions.

Reduced Recoil: The Glock 44's recoil is minimal, even for novice shooters. This low recoil makes it an excellent choice for introducing new shooters to firearms and helping them build confidence.

Magazine Compatibility: The Glock 44 magazines are not compatible with any other Glock models, ensuring that the .22 LR ammunition does not accidentally chamber in a centerfire Glock pistol.


The Glock 44 is a unique and welcome addition to the Glock family of handguns. It caters to various niches within the firearms community, from training and plinking to introducing new shooters to the sport.

With its affordability, minimal recoil, and compatibility with the popular Glock 19 frame size, the Glock 44 has firmly established itself as a reliable and user-friendly rimfire pistol. As the demand for cost-effective training and recreational shooting options continues to grow, the Glock 44 will likely remain a popular choice among shooters of all experience levels.


  • Glock 44 - Name
  • semi-automatic pistol - Type
  • Glock Ges.m.b.H. - Manufacturer
  • 44 - Model
  • .22 LR - Caliber
  • short recoil - Action type
  • Gaston Glock - Designer
  • 358 g - Weight
  • 174 mm - Length

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