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.308 Win

Remington 700: A Legendary Bolt-Action Rifle

The Remington 700 is a name synonymous with precision and reliability in the world of firearms. Since its introduction in 1962, this bolt-action rifle has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most popular and trusted choices among hunters, target shooters and military and law enforcement agencies.

Production and Service History

The Remington 700 had its origins in the early 1960s when Remington Arms Company sought to introduce a new bolt-action rifle that would cater to both sporting and tactical markets. Introduced in 1962, the Remington 700 was an instant success. Its initial popularity among hunters and sports shooters soon led to its adoption by the military and law enforcement agencies.

In the years since its introduction, the Remington 700 has become one of the most prolific and enduring bolt-action rifle designs globally. It has seen service with numerous military and police units, especially in the United States and other NATO countries. Hunters also continue to value the rifle for its accuracy and reliability in the field.


The Remington 700's design is characterized by several key features that contribute to its reputation for accuracy and precision:

Bolt Action: The Remington 700 is a manually operated, bolt-action rifle. This design is known for its inherent accuracy, reliability and ability to handle various calibers.

Three-Lug Bolt: The rifle features a three-lug bolt that provides a short bolt throw, contributing to quicker follow-up shots and ease of use.

Receiver: The receiver is typically cylindrical, with a front locking lugs configuration. The cylindrical design enhances rigidity and accuracy.

Trigger: Many Remington 700 models come with an externally adjustable trigger, allowing users to fine-tune the trigger pull weight to their preference.

Stock Options: The rifle has been offered with a variety of stock options, including wooden, synthetic, and tactical stocks, to cater to different shooting environments and purposes.

Barrel: Remington 700 barrels are known for their quality and accuracy. The barrels can vary in length, contour, and finish, offering a wide range of choices for different shooting applications.

Detachable Magazine: While some models use an internal magazine, many Remington 700 variants have a detachable box magazine for quick and easy reloading.


The Remington 700 platform has spawned numerous variants and adaptations over the years, including:

Remington 700 Police: Designed for law enforcement use, often featuring heavy barrels and precision stocks for enhanced accuracy.

Remington 700 Tactical: Geared towards precsion shooting and military use, often equipped with Picatinny rails for optics and accessories.

Remington 700 Sendero: A long-range hunting and target shooting variant known for its accuracy and heavy, fluted barrel.

Remington 700 Varmint: Designed for varmint and predator hunting, typically featuring heavy barrels and laminated wood stocks.

Remington 700 CDL: A classic hunting variant with high-grade walnut stocks and blued finishes.

Caliber Options

One of the strengths of the Remington 700 platform is its caliber versatility. The rifle is available in a wide range of calibers, making it suitable for various purposes, including hunting, target shooting, and tactical applications. Some popular calibers for the Remington 700 include:

.308 Winchester

.30-06 Springfield

.243 Winchester

6.5mm Creedmoor

.223 Remington

7mm Remington Magnum

.300 Winchester Magnum

.338 Lapua Magnum

Interesting Facts

Military and Police Service: The Remington 700 has seen service with various military and law enforcement units, including the United States Marine Corps, where it is known as the M40 sniper rifle.

Accuracy Guarantee: Some Remington 700 models come with a factory accuracy guarantee, promising a certain level of accuracy out of the box.

Customization: The aftermarket support for the Remington 700 is extensive, allowing owners to customize and upgrade their rifles with a wide range of accessories, including stocks, triggers, and barrels.

Hunting Success: The Remington 700 has been used to harvest numerous game animals worldwide, earning its place as a favorite among hunters.

Legacy: The Remington 700 is considered one of the most influential bolt-action rifle designs in history and has played a significant role in shaping the precision rifle market.


The Remington 700's enduring popularity as a bolt-action rifle is a testament to its design excellence, accuracy, and adaptability. Whether in the hands of hunters pursuing game, competitive long-range shooters, or military and law enforcement snipers, the Remington 700 continues to deliver consistent performance and reliability. Its legacy as a symbol of precision and versatility in the world of firearms is well-deserved, making it a timeless classic in the realm of bolt-action rifles.


  • Remington 700 - Name
  • Remington Arms - Manufacturer
  • - Website
  • 700 - Model
  • .308 Win - Caliber
  • bolt-action - Action type
  • Remington Arms - Designer
  • 1962 - In service
  • 4,08 kg - Weight
  • 1050 mm - Length
  • +-1000 m - Firing range

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