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SA 58 Tactical: Czech Legend of Semi-Automatic Rifles

The Samopal Vz. 58 Tactical, a product of the Czech arms industry, is a semi-automatic rifle that has earned a reputation for its robust design, reliability, and adaptability. Often compared to the AK-47 due to its similar appearance, the SA Vz. 58 stands as a unique and influential firearm in its own right.

Production and Service History

The SA Vz. 58, commonly referred to as the Vz. 58, was developed in Czechoslovakia during the late 1950s and early 1960s as a successor to the Soviet-designed SKS carbine. The rifle was officially adopted by the Czechoslovak military in 1959 and served as the standard issue rifle for its armed forces during the Cold War.

Unlike many other rifles of the era, which were based on the gas piston design of the AK-47, the Vz. 58 utilized a short-stroke gas piston system that offered certain advantages, including a lighter weight and improved accuracy.

The Vz. 58 also found favor with other nations in the Eastern Bloc and was exported to various countries during the Cold War. In the years following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, the Vz. 58 continued to be used by both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The Vz. 58 is celebrated for its distinctive design features that set it apart from the AK-47 and other rifles:

Short-Stroke Piston: Unlike the long-stroke piston system of the AK-47, the Vz. 58 employs a short-stroke gas piston, which reduces recoil and enhances accuracy.

Milled Receiver: Early Vz. 58 models featured a milled receiver for increased durability and strength. Later variants, such as the Vz. 58 Tactical, often use a stamped receiver for lighter weight.

Detachable Magazine: The Vz. 58 uses detachable box magazines, typically available in 20, 30, and 40-round capacities.

Charging Handle: The charging handle is located on the left side of the receiver, facilitating ambidextrous operation.

Non-Reciprocating Charging Handle: Unlike the AK-47, the charging handle of the Vz. 58 does not reciprocate during firing, reducing the risk of injury and improving control.

Iron Sights: The rifle features adjustable iron sights, with a rear tangent sight graduated to 800 meters.


The Vz. 58 platform has spawned various versions and variants over the years, including:

Vz. 58 Tactical: This variant is designed for tactical use and often features a railed handguard for accessories, such as optics, lasers, and foregrips.

Vz. 58 Compact: A shorter-barreled version with a folding stock for increased portability and ease of transport.

Vz. 58 Sporter: A civilian version designed for the civilian market, often chambered in non-military calibers, such as 5.56x45mm NATO or 7.62x39mm.

Vz. 58P: A paratrooper variant with a side-folding wire stock and shorter barrel.

Interesting Facts

Not an AK Variant: Despite its visual resemblance to the AK-47, the Vz. 58 is not an AK variant. It has a distinct operating system, ergonomics, and design features.

Czech Military Service: The Vz. 58 remained in service with the Czech military for decades after the end of the Cold War, attesting to its reliability and effectiveness.

Export Success: The Vz. 58 was exported to numerous countries and gained popularity among various armed forces in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Civilian Versions: Several civilian versions of the Vz. 58 are available for civilian firearm enthusiasts in countries where they are legal to own.

Czech Special Forces: The Vz. 58 Tactical remains in use with Czech special forces units, showcasing its continued relevance and adaptability.


The Samopal Vz. 58 Tactical, born out of Czech engineering excellence, is a testament to innovation in firearms design. Its distinctive features, including the short-stroke gas piston and non-reciprocating charging handle, have made it a beloved and respected firearm among shooters and military personnel alike. The Vz. 58 Tactical's legacy endures as a symbol of Czech firearms craftsmanship and its enduring contribution to the world of firearms.


  • SA 58 Tactical - Name
  • semi-automatic rifle - Type
  • Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) - Manufacturer
  • - Website
  • 58 - Model
  • 7.62x39mm - Caliber
  • Jiri Cermak - Designer
  • 1956-1958 - Designed
  • 1959 - In service
  • 2.91-3.77 kg - Weight
  • 845 mm - Length
  • 300-400 m (800 m) - Firing range

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