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.50 BMG

The Steyr HS 50 Rifle: Precision Excellence and Versatility

The Steyr HS 50, manufactured by the Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher, is a high-powered, long-range precision rifle that has earned a reputation for accuracy, performance, and ruggedness.

Production and Service History

The Steyr HS 50 was introduced in the early 2000s, establishing itself as a capable long-range precision rifle. Steyr Mannlicher, with its history dating back to the 19th century, brought its expertise in firearms manufacturing to bear in creating this exceptional rifle. While it has not been adopted for military service, the Steyr HS 50 has garnered attention in the civilian and law enforcement markets for its long-range shooting capabilities.


The Steyr HS 50 is characterized by a design that prioritizes accuracy, ergonomics, and reliability:

Bolt Action: The rifle employs a bolt-action mechanism, known for its accuracy and robustness. Bolt-action rifles are favored for long-range precision shooting due to their consistent lockup and minimal movement upon firing.

Heavy Barrel: The HS 50 features a heavy, fluted barrel that enhances accuracy by reducing barrel whip and dissipating heat more effectively during extended shooting sessions.

Chassis System: Some variants of the HS 50 come with an aluminum chassis system that provides stability and modularity. The chassis can accommodate various accessories and optics, allowing shooters to tailor the rifle to their preferences.

Adjustable Stock: The rifle often comes with an adjustable stock that allows for customization of length of pull and cheek height, enhancing shooter comfort and consistency.

Detachable Magazine: The HS 50 uses a detachable box magazine, typically holding five rounds. This facilitates quick reloading and minimizes downtime between shots.

Muzzle Brake: Some versions of the HS 50 feature an effective muzzle brake, which reduces recoil and muzzle rise, aiding in rapid follow-up shots.

Picatinny Rails: The rifle is equipped with Picatinny rails for mounting scopes, bipods, and other accessories.


The Steyr HS 50 is primarily available in one main configuration, but it offers options for customization based on shooter preferences. Variants and options include:

Steyr HS 50: The standard variant with a heavy barrel, adjustable stock, and Picatinny rails for optics and accessories.

HS 50 M1: An updated version of the HS 50, featuring a picatinny rail instead of the traditional optic rail, offering more flexibility in mounting optics.

HS 50 Sporting: A version designed for competitive long-range shooting, often equipped with features like an adjustable cheekpiece and buttstock for precise fit and comfort.


The Steyr HS 50 is chambered for the powerful .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) cartridge. The .50 BMG is a formidable round known for its extreme long-range capabilities and devastating terminal ballistics. It is used in various anti-materiel and long-range precision rifles due to its ability to engage targets at extended distances.

Interesting Facts

Long-Range Records: The Steyr HS 50 and its .50 BMG chambering have been used to set several long-range shooting records, including hits at distances exceeding 2,500 yards.

Civilian Adoption: While not a military-issued rifle, the HS 50 has found popularity among civilian long-range shooters, competitive marksmen, and hunters pursuing large game at extended ranges.

Extreme Versatility: The rifle's modularity and accessory compatibility make it a versatile platform for various shooting disciplines, from long-range target shooting to extreme long-range hunting.

Military and Law Enforcement Interest: While not a standard-issue military rifle, some military and law enforcement units have expressed interest in the HS 50 for its long-range capabilities and anti-materiel potential.

Austrian Heritage: The Steyr HS 50 proudly carries on the Austrian tradition of precision firearms manufacturing, maintaining the country's reputation for excellence in firearms design and production.


The Steyr HS 50 rifle is a precision long-range powerhouse, offering remarkable accuracy and versatility for shooters seeking to engage targets at extreme distances. With its solid design, powerful .50 BMG chambering, and customizable features, the HS 50 has earned a place in the world of competitive shooting, long-range hunting, and as a symbol of Austrian firearms craftsmanship and innovation.


  • Steyr HS 50 - Name
  • Bolt action rifle - Type
  • Steyer Mannlicher - Manufacturer
  • 50 - Model
  • .50 BMG - Caliber
  • Bolt Action - Action type
  • Steyer - Designer
  • early 2000s - Designed
  • 2004 - In service
  • 12.4 kg - Weight
  • 1370 mm - Length
  • 1500 m - Firing range

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